Sunday, 1 March 2009

Will I miss coco-NUT???

Coco-NUT, that's the name of my sister corgi. She's very manja and likes to bug me, just like most little sisters i suppose.

And just like most younger siblings, they love to copy your behaviours. Watch her copy my facial expressions...

See? See? *good grief!*

Then as usual, she starts poking.

Whoa! Attack of the CocoNUT!

She's also got a thing for my ear flaps. Then again, I kinda taught her that wrestling technique. Heh. Here she aims for my right ear.

Oomph! She doesn't wanna let go!

She really doesn't wanna let go...oh boy.

I decide to roll over to yank my ear free. Good technique you know. =)

Watch this video. I'm really tired from all the day's activities here:

Grrr...teeth baring moment!

Alrighty little missy, let me show you who's DA BOSS!
(Eh, can anyone tell head from butt on coco? teehee!)

Yah! I'm winning! and without using the earflap technique on her too.

And this video shows me, Benhur, teaching cocoNUT a lesson after a good rest:

She's given up. Woohoo!

Yah, ok. I think I will probably miss my sister the little CocoNUT. Guess I'd better play with her more often in the next few weeks! =D

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Evelyn ~Hammer's slave said...

Hammer will miss Benny... Ok he will try to be ready for attack of the COCOnut when Aunty Linda comes to massage me when ZOE's gone.

Hugs and woofs,
Hammer and Aunty Evelyn