Thursday, 5 March 2009

Tania the Tenacious

I'd like to introduce everyone to a very vocal and tenacious golden retriever. She's not even 1 year old yet and she already suffers from a rather aweful case of Hip Dysplasia on both hips. I really sympathise with her cos I have a mild case of HD on my left hip.

Tania was very fortunate to have been taken into the arms of a pawsome loving family. Her mummy makes very nice trinklets. You can find it at Trisha's Trove.

Here's Tania's "I'm SO innocent and angelic"face.

This is Tania's more usual happy-go-crazy expression:

Listen to her greeting vocals!

Tania's also obsessed with a few things in the store. One of them is the Bopper (the other is our green doggy bowl): rolls funny!

I love this video of her!

Until next time folks!

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