Sunday, 5 April 2009

Oooo...My Barkday! (part 1)

April Fools day came and went. Mummy managed to resist putting up some crazee prank post. She says we must act like adults cos i turned 3 doggy years old! Which is 21 human years. So i'm officially an adult! =P (yeah right...teehee!)

Here I am at Hammer's place, visiting his parents. He was getting a nice massage done.

See...he's shamelessly kissing mummy. Well, i'll forgive him for that since his mummy got me a barkday pressie! See the yellow package in the back? its mine!

But first, i have to try and squeeze Hammer off his new bed. Arrgh, not enough space!

Instead his mummy asked me to pose. So i did. With my pressie! Look! Look!

Eh? OH!!! Mine is yellow!

I like it! It matches my colour. Thanks aunty E!

Last pose: Me on my bed, and Hammer sort of on his...although he's getting distracted and staring at me. =P

Thank you! I'm a big boy now.... =)


Lorenza said...

Happy Birthday Benny!
Kisses and hugs

nicolette said...
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nicolette said...

hi zoe! forgot to ask you, where did you buy benny's bed? its so cute, and we're thinking of getting a new bed for puffy, any suggestions?

ps-the comment before was me, i forgot to check the 'email follow up comments' box :P