Friday, 20 March 2009

The Christmas Fleece Ball

I got this pawsome fleece ball Christmas coloured toy from mummy last year. See it at my paws next to a rope toy mummy also bought for me?

I kinda like running around the house with the ball in my mouth. Sometimes i'd trick some silly human being into holding it and play tug with me...

Until, the fleece ball started to unravel! Oh no!

It totally fell apart. =( Gone. Whoosh. Its guts spilled out. So sad right? Here I am with the gutted fleece ball:

Yah, my tongue's hanging out. was "tasty".

I'm hoping that if i squeeze my eyes shut that a new ball will appear... Peek-a-boo!

Pity, it didn't work. I got the rope toy to play with now though. heh!

1 comment:

Its ME said...

Yeah human friends are sometimes crazy too like you said.

Glad you still have your strong canine teeth intact after the tug-of-war game with them.