Tuesday, 31 July 2007

The M-O-T-H

Have you seen the little black flying thing???

The last time I saw one, Mummy freaked out (Mummy: it was a flying cockroach!!!!) so I immediately got scared to and ran together with her to hide. Ok, I know I'm not braveheart or whatever. I'm just a doggy in need of protection. =P

Anyway, the story goes like this. I saw the black flying thingy again! This time it was on the ceiling of the living room. I remember Mummy pointing at it and decided to be safer than sorry. I promptly went to hide in the kitchen at my sleeping space.

Mummy and Daddy kept calling me but hey, why risk the danger right? I firmly stayed put. No way am I coming out with the thingy outside.

No way...no way...oh! Crumbs! They are using food...cheaters. Fine, I went out to get the food, with my eyes constantly checking the ceiling for the THING. Once I got the food, back to safety I go.

See now Mummy dragged me out and I had to hide under her arms. I protest!!!

I decided that under the dining table or in my basket with human feet touching it is ok...for like 2 minutes.

Anyway, Mummy finally chased the THING out of the house. I didn't see it happen but she claims that it is gone. BUt better safe than sorry, I occasionally check the ceiling just to make sure the THING isn't there.

And this is what I say to the stupid THING....


River said...

Don't worry Benny you're safe now - and those things are great fun to chase!!


Anonymous said...

No problems Benny. You should have seen Barn2 on the vet's table. Even Dexter wasnt that fearful.
Barn2 was trembling and trying to jump from the table from the start! You are quite brave to be sitting so calmly in the kitchen and on your mummy's lap.
Well done.

Aunty L

Uncle Z said...

Benny a dog or a chicken?

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Benny, don't be afraid of them. U know what I do? I EAT them! heehee... so far I ate a couple of moths.. They don't taste so bad... When I see cockroaches when I go for my walks, I also want to eat them, if not for my Mumsy.

Ume said...

hiya Benny,
dat THING can be fun to chase! u ought to try it!