Saturday, 7 July 2007

It was Corgis @ Dog Cafe Day!

Today was so much fun! Dexter's staying over this weekend so Auntie Lorna offered to bring us out today! =) I love her!

Here's our day...we are sitting waiting for Auntie Lorna to come and pick us up. Can't concentrate on posing. Waiting for car ride.... =P

In the car was Barn2. He was free roaming at the back with Trax (the samseng) and we all think he looks like Darth Vader.... =P Haha. I can say that now cos its safe. Teehee!

At the dog cafe (Dogoholics), the humans ate and we ate too! There was a triangular shaped thing...I think its called samosa. I helped Dex eat half of his. He didn't want it. Honest! There were tons of flying fries too! I love fries!

Anyway, here's Auntie L with big ol' Barn on her lap. What a big baby!!! All the hugs ... wow... And the other one on the floor is Trax. He is old and bossy. But I like him. He just talks alot. Teehee! There's Daddy giving him a pat on the head.

Here's Mummy giving us the french fries for doggies. She always makes us sit and wait for a while before giving us the food. But, hey, with such tasty stuff going around, I think the short stay and wait is worth it!!!! Yeah!

Finally, here are 2 videos. It was impossible for Mummy and Daddy to take good pictures of us playing cos we tumble videos made more sense. U can see us playing but you can HEAR Trax bossing us. Isn't he funny?

Well, I'm going to rest for a brief moment so that we can continue playing in the house later. Until next time!!! =)


Ume said...

what can be better than yummy food & fun with buddies?
Trax is reali funny! hmmm... but y didnt Barn2 join in the fun?

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Hey you guys went out again! Wished u called me along! But then my Mumsy is sick. She spent the whole day slping (what a lazy bum). I wish I got to meet Trax and Barn, but they look scary!

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Benny,
What FUN!!! Maybe Dexter can become your god-brother or something. LOL!
Barn2 is always looking so handsome. hehe

wally said...

My ma ape thinks this must be heaven--a cafe full of corgis!