Monday, 23 July 2007

Dogs of Phuket!

Mummy and Daddy finally returned home from their holeeeday in Thailand. They spent the weekend there at Phuket along the Patong Beach. I think Mummy kinda got carried away with the dogs there. Guess I have to work hard to get her attention back to me. (Mummy: I will always love Benny, just wanted to bring all the Patong dogs home!)

Here's some happy pictures of the doggies up along a vista point. They seem to like lounging around. Wonder if they would play if me.

Mummy says this doggy was having fun with some papers he got. Mummy says he isn't tearing them (yah rite!) and that he is just hoarding them.

Here's yet another lounging bunch on the beach. They are probably old fun. =P

No here's someone who looks like fun! Play play!!!

I sure hope that someday, Mummy and Daddy will bring ME to the beach, so that I can make paw prints like these in the sand! =) Please Mummy...please Daddy!!!!!


Luckie Girl said...

Hey Benny,
Your folks are back huh? Did they bring you any goodies to eat?
I did a post on the pressie you mailed to me today. come read when you have time.....i dedicated the post to you. hehe

Benny said...

Hey Luckie! I just saw it. Thanks for entry!!! Will show it to my parents.

My humans said Phuket didn't have dog stuff. Wrong part of Thailand. Oh well, they smothered me with love so I shall be benevolent and forgive them. ;)

Baily said...

the beach looks like fun with all the dogs around to play with! tell your mommy to not forget to bring you next time

nose licks

Lorenza said...

Hi, Benny
That beach with all those dogs looks like fun to go there and play and run around! Too bad you didn't have the chance to go there!
Maybe next time!
Have a nice day