Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Phuket Part 2

I really must complain... I mean, how can my parents go on a holeeday without me and then PLAY with the dogs there? *sulk*

See? Here's Mummy playing with a lab that looks like a bundle of energy and fun ...and i'm not there to join in! His name is six-pack. Isn't that cute?

Here he is in the WATER....I think that part of the playing, I'll skip. I like sand though. Mummy please bring me to a place with loads of sand... (Mummy: Benny doesn't understand that after sand it means a SHOWER!)

Here is a place they call Pee Pee island. I like this island. I bet all the dogs love Pee Pee island.

Well, I complained enough for Mummy to show me that I have a FOOD stall named after me! I bet if they brought me there I would've gotten free food you know. Yummy....

Well, that's that. Tge next blog entry will have pictures of ME. I shall proceed to napping now and dreaming of Pee Pee island. =)


fee said...

dear benny, those doggies are v different from the v sad and neglected ones my mommy saw when she went to phuket over a decade ago, and thankfully so! is this pee pee island also known as jimmy bond island? thailand is full of nice doggie merchandise; i hope you were suitably compensated for being left out of the trip!


Furby said...

lol if u mumsy keep this up with the pics, i will be sleeping over with u with u very soon

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Your hoomans were away too! I mean we are part of the family! Why can't we go along? So unfair!!

Ume said...

i would sulk too if i were u... i hope your Mummy brot back some Benny burgers for u! i bet they're real tasty!

wally said...

Oh--that's totally not fair that you didn't get to go. And no Benny's Burgers? Life's so not fair.