Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Going away to Grandparents' again!

Wee! I got news from Mummy that I am to stay over at my grandparents' home over the weekend. So this morning Mummy started packing stuff. I saw food and treats go into a bag. I saw my towels get packed with shampoo (NOT a good sign). I saw the baby gates get dismantled and all that.

Wow, now I get it. When all that happens, it means I get to go to GrandMa and GrandPa's home! Uncle Z won't let me into his room....just he wait. I'll get in one day. Bwahaha....!!! Then there'll be drooling and shedding. =)

Here I am sitting next to the stuff that Mummy has to bring.

And here I am again sitting next to the stuff in the lift landing waiting for the pet taxi to come and bring me over.

Well, you can bet I'm going to make my grandparents and uncle love me lots!!!! I hope they forget to give me a shower. Seriously. Forget ok?....=P

In the meantime, I will miss Mummy and Daddy a little, but at least I'm with family and friends who will shower tons of love and affection my way so not much to complain. Teehee!!!


Anonymous said...

You look very excited about your holiday - I hope it's great fun and they forget about the you-know-what!


Ume said...

did u have a haircut?

have a great weekend with your grandpawrents!

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Benny,
Where are your parents going? Oh well, looks like you'll have a fun time too. it won't be that bad huh?