Wednesday, 28 February 2007

My Bed Sprung a Leak!

Its kinda strange cos yesterday I realised that there's stuff inside my bed. I was nosing around my bed trying to figure out why it is so soft in some spots when I noticed that I could nibble on the cloth.

Nibbling is fun. Things get tastier the more you nibble. So I kept on nibbling on the same spot. The trick to being able to nibble without interruption is to do it silently. With cloth it was easy and so my mummy didn't see me or hear me nibbling skillfully at it.

When I poked the hole, whoa! There's itsy-bitsy stuff inside! And better yet, I can pull them out. And when I pull them out...there's more! I was so happy and I was pulling out the itsy-bitsy stuff and having the time of my life when suddenly, out of the blue, I heard mummy notice.

Yeah, she stopped me. At first I thought she wanted to join in the fun you know. I like to share my games and fun. But then, she scolded me and I soon understood that its apparently something I'm not supposed to do. Seriously though, why not eh? Bah to mummy for spoiling my fun. Phooey. My bed's gone. The itsy-bitsy stuff are gone too. Bah.

(note from mummy: I'm glad I stopped him. The bits and pieces are potential choking hazards. I do not leave him alone with bedding until he grows out of this puppy behaviour. )

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