Thursday, 22 February 2007

I am Benny the Great

Hello everyone! This blog of mine is here to share with you my activities, experiences, bone destroying adventures, food munching, belly rubbing, vet visits, park visits, my relatives & friends visits, my walks, my training, my sleeping and drooling, and most of all my thoughts.

Just in case you have not figured it out, I’m Benny. Yep, the beautiful Pembroke Welsh Corgi who is the luckiest in the world cos I got this human who likes to massage me ever so often. She is so nice and will massage me from my head to my feet and my back and even my gums! You’ll here more on this topic for sure. All dogs must have a try at this.

My other human is the Alpha Male. His ears aren’t as large as mine but I love to listen to him and get praises when I do something right. Feels good to get the nod and rub of approval. He plays with me and I run here and there. Sometimes I get carried by this tall human and I see things from so high (Yes, I do know that I have short legs). It is quite an amazing view!

Well, this in an introduction on me and my 2 lovely humans. I’ll write more soon!

1 comment:

Wendy Ang said...

So nice that you have massage everyday.

I think I need to request my JJ aka slave to start learning some massage skill.