Thursday, 22 February 2007

My Chinese New Year Weekend

Well, I better write an entry on the long weekend of vacation I had! My humans went off somewhere and met other cute dogs (see pic) whilst they put me in the good hands of my human grandparents and uncle. It was fun to run around a new house and see new things, sniff new smells, bully new people...

While I missed my leaders and pack for a while, my uncle and grandpa was wonderful cos they would bring me for walks practically everyday! Of course, I tried my best to do things my way but hey, they do have a leash thing put on me so after a while I have to be a good dog. Or pretend to. I overheard my grand-dad showing off a video to some church kids about my newspaper tearing adventure in the kitchen. I couldn't help it (was throwing a mini-tantrum, I admit it). And my grandma was wonderful and so loving. I was spoilt to death and smothered with her love.

When I returned home to my family I was so tired from the long and exhausting weekend. I slept so much and pooped even more. It was all worth it! The only regret was not being able to meet all the wonderful dogs in Thailand that my humans met.

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