Tuesday, 27 February 2007

I Sprung a Leak!

Today i shall tell you all about my drool. Yah, my parents seems to grimace everytime my saliva hits the floor, which is pretty often. I don't get what is so gross about my saliva. Its all part of our being afterall, drool is necessary for us dogs you know.

I realised that I can drool whenever it feels hot, whenever I smell food, whenever I fall asleep, whenever whenever. I can't really think of a moment in time that I stop drooling. Ok wait, I am not as drooly as the larger dogs with them big hanging jowls ok? Look at the picture...my drool is so little.

(note from Benny's human: yes, its a small spot but there are lots of them all over the place!)

Anyway, because i have the leak from both ends - yes, mouth and ass, I drink alot of water. And cos i'm a chowhound, I tend to eat and drink too fast. For eating, my parents have managed to train me to eat slower. For drinking though, they seem to interrupt me sometimes when i'm gulping the water down. When they aren't watching, I gulp everything down real fast and sometimes, the water comes right back up. That does not constitute drooling but I get a nice chest and calming massage usually after that happens. Fortunately, I am learning to slow down when gulping too so its been good lately.

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