Sunday, 25 February 2007

My trip to the Groomers

Look at me! Smell me! Hug me! Kiss me! I am clean and fresh once again. I just went for a bath, ear cleaning, nail trim, shaving of certain nether regions and my paws.

I have to go for a professional one cos my mum decided that I truly needed the shaving for hygiene reasons so I'll probably visit the groomer every two to three months. Then my mummy can do maintenance showers, ear cleaning and nail trims every one to two weeks in between.

I love going to the groomer. This guy is real nice to me and plays with me all the time....and the best part is going on the road trips! Best of the best of the best! I get to meet new friends and smell new doggy and people smells. Hmm, think I'll go and get my parents to post the road trip we went on to the Dog Show at the Expo at the beginning of Feb. That will be a cool blog. Watch for it.

Anyway, right now I'm a clean mean loving machine, if you know what I mean. =) I can now silently and stealthily walk around the house and no one will know I am comin...ha!

Well, it is now time for my calming massage so I can relax and rest after an exciting day outside. Mummy!!!!!!!!!

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