Thursday, 8 March 2007

My attempt at massaging

I met a real nice big uncle Golden Retriever yesterday. His name is Herbie. He was the size I think I should be - LARGE.

Anyway, Mummy was giving uncle Herbie a massage and he just lay there and enjoyed himself. He let her work just about everywhere with almost no resistance! She even managed to massage and stimulate his gums which is good cos older dogs tend to have poorer dental health. Sometimes I bugged them both during the session but uncle Herbie just fell asleep.

When the session was over, my mummy was talking to his mummy. I wanted to play but uncle Herbie was resting. Being the "apprentice", I tried my paws at giving him a massage. I think my technique is still kinda rough cause he lay there and sometimes gave me a weird look. Probably was thinking that I sucked after his professional massage by Mummy.

I hope to meet uncle Herbie soon. He was real fun and he let me play with his floppy ears! You can go to my uncle's blog here: It also links to his M's photography site. She has a cool camera...

1 comment:

Herbie said...

Hey Benny, I didn't think you were that bad.. heh heh. I've posted my experience in my blog already.