Sunday, 25 March 2007

BBBB's on Treats!

Mummy gave me new treats the other day. The brand is Marukan and although the wording on the package is not in english, they put pictures there that is suppose to mean that it is good for my teeth. I'm not too sure about that, but they were good for my tummy!

They were a little strange at first so I just poked at them but the moment I licked them and tasted the yummy, I was hooked! They make me salivate alot so I have to eat them on the kitchen floor and I intelligently choose the newspaper to eat it on (much to the joy of my mummy). I like to nibble and them just let them soak in my saliva before swallowing.

These treats last only about 20 mins in my possession but they are the best so far in terms of taste. Not very cost-effective according to mummy, but if you love love me right? *wink*
These get 3 paws out of 5.

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