Monday, 19 March 2007

The Face for Licking

My mummy and daddy don't seem to understand that I like things to be clean. And i'm constantly cleaning my parents feet and hands especially after they exit the funky smelling room - the toilet.

I even proceed to cleaning their floor by letting my hygienic drool fall gracefully and generously all over the floor so that it can be smeared around later. I hear that it has a cleansing effect.

I sometimes try and lick the furniture. Sometimes cos when I get caught by mummy, she tells me to stop. I clean their knees and legs when they are having dinner too.

Anyway, I honestly think all dogs should get the award for cleaning by licking. Look at my snout and nose! Its made for licking! Even them flat faced dogs like pugs, have fantastic techniques you know. We are simple, cheap and easily motivated housecleaners. Where else can you find such loyalty?

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