Thursday, 15 March 2007

BBBB's on Bones - Part 2

In this entry we will discuss the different positions and techniques of bone gnawing. I think I'm almost perfecting the art of destroying one chew bone in less than one month. Not bad eh? I've also realised that Mummy can't seem to supply me anything tougher. Bwahahaha....

First step is to gnaw at the ends with the molars. In the laws of physics, the nearer the fulcrum (egads! what am I talking about???) the greater the force. Its sort of like using a nut cracker. I switch between the left and right sides for maximum effect and so I don't get a sore jaw. Once the knuckle ends are disintegrated to a point where little bits are sticking out... you then proceed on to using nibbling action of the front incisors. I sometimes practise on my Mum's finger nails. She doesn't appreciate it much though.

Anyway, for better understanding, see my pictures and you'll get it. Practice makes perfect!!!!!!!

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