Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mummy not here....but Daddy is pawsome!

Yes...once again, mummy has vanished from my presence and is drowning in work in Singapore. No time to update my blog. I have so many old memories i want to put up here and someday make a blog book...but hey, i need fingers to do the typing! Big corgi paws don't do so good on the keyboard.

So anyway, I decided to skip the outdated for this particular post cos I want to say how pawsome Daddy has been to me! I wuv him! =D

Daddy brought me out to Fairoaks Park but I shall remember it as the 4-Poop Park. =P

Here I am wondering where can I go poop next....

Giving you my best friendliest face!

Now, back to the normal program!

There's a skate park but I was bz getting my 4-count. =P

And even a baseball park! *stare*

Well, pooping is exhausting work you know. So home we went and mummy got a surprise in the mail! I put on my most serious face and presented it to her...

Tahdah! WaterWorks course completion certificate! Yippee! =)
(ok, so my paws look funny...)

Hope I get Mummy to be a bit free-er soon so that i can update all the now rather stale news...but memories are memories and they shld be recorded! =)

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