Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Home Sweet Fireplace!

Spring really springs up on you huh! I miss the cold weather already and am shedding.

Our new home as a fireplace so we lit a log. I never seen fire like this up close.

It was so intriguing...i was captivated!

So hypnotizing..... =P

Daddy tried to get me to pose...but I HAD to keep an eye on the fire...the pretty flames!

Mummy snapped me out of that though, with the promise of food. =P

Like the fireplace?

Mummy was trying to get a pretty shot of the place. I think it looks better with me in it. Heh heh!

Some orchids that we bought. I didn't care for them....not edible. Phooey.

Finally Mummy decided that the fireplace does look better with me in the picture!

And this is my fav! Do you like the flaming crown on my head? =D


Anonymous said...

The flaming hands on your head look like 2 V sighns. XXXXX Granmaw.

Anonymous said...
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Its ME said...

Fire? Hmm.... I like water & waterfall