Sunday, 29 May 2011

Dental Kong Review

Daddy's been really busy the past week...poor daddy. I can see he's been rather stressed at work so I try to be a good boy and I have been! (Even Mummy was told by Daddy that I've been an angelic doggy to daddy.) No new pics for this problem!

I shall do a product review on the DENTAL KONG! So i got one a couple months ago...something about flossing my teeth? (my breath is fine thanks.)

Over the next couple hours I got to learn the techniques on how to play with this toy. It is pretty neat! First things need to catch it!

Gotcha! Then u proceed to....

Pulling! If you grab it at the rope part it slides in your mouth. Mummy mentioned the word flossing...but which dog does that?!?!?! (*wink*)

Finally the rubber part. Its nice and soft and you can get good grip here for a great game of tug-o-war!

Sometimes you get can rest while holding on. And even lean if your human holds on to the other end.

Or, you can simply plonk your body on the floor while keeping the toy in your mouth for good measure.

Of course, the occasional need to lick one's lips and recharge the saliva in the mouth results in losing possession of the toy.

And it's back to the game of patient waiting to grab the toy at the opportune moment...

Wait for it....wait for it...


And of course....TUG-O-WAR ALL OVER AGAIN!

I actually really like this we confer 5 paws out of 5 for this pawsome tug toy! =D

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Anonymous said...

Woooooo. It's better than tugging on a twisted rope or a piece of cloth. Granmaw.