Sunday, 22 May 2011

My busy week!

I've been having a good time with daddy...he tries to bring me places with him when he can. =) 

So here I am visiting Uncle Joe's nice apt. Pardon the facial expression. =P I was trying to keep a straight face cos uncle Joe is just...hmm...yah, let's leave it at that. Hee. He was nice to let me in his apt and fur up the place. =D

Daddy always brings me to Pet Club. The best dog store ever! Sometimes I find kibble just lying around. Isn't that pawsome?

On the way to shoreline we always pass by Google HQ. See their new colourful bikes? I love the happy bright colours!

At shoreline of my fav walks. The weather is best this time of year!  (Wonder if we'll go camping this year....)

On the return trips we usually walk the bottom gravel path and I get to explore a wee bit....hmm...wee...wee....

Ah ha! I found the PERFECT PEE / WEE SPOT! =D

Oh, daddy got tickets from his boss to go see a ballgame...pity I couldn't go with.

On a different day, I got to have fun at the dog park! 

I found some neat bigger dogs to run and bark with!

Just good pals hanging out! =)

I wonder what Mummy's been up to....

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Peanut said...

Haha. "The perfect wee wee spot" was funny. It's interesting how corgis are so similar to vacuum cleaners when it comes to food :O. Can't wait until the next post!!