Sunday, 5 June 2011

Las Palmas Park

So a few weeks before mummy flew back to Singapore, we visited the Las Palmas Park that is quite near home. It has a dog park too...just like shoreline, it is enclosed and sandy.

Here it is...i sniffed it..but cos it was kinda muddy as well, Mummy declared it a no-go and said, "maybe next time, Benben."

So off we went...but i had to go back...just to say hi!

Even it is was through the fence, which I promptly peed on thereafter. =P

So anyway, there are bbq pits and picnic benches and a water feature park thingy. It wasn't open cos it was still spring then...and i guess, a bit cold?

This is fav part of the park. The great open patch of grass!!!! Weeee!!!!!!!!! I was running around for a while, when I spotted something in the distance.

Mummy made me stay cos she didn't want to catch me =P! She likes using my ears as a targeting tool. Think they are effective?

Yah...i didn't think so too...heeeeeee.............

So, if you squint and stare really hard, you'll be able to see a couple with an English Springer Spaniel. I wanted to go say hi so bad!

I had to send my thoughts to the springer spaniel to lure it over...and it worked! woohoo!

Cos we are both "royalty" dogs, we got along pretty well and his owners loved me too!

Then further to the left side we met an old springer spaniel just chilling out.

Before you know it, a tiny shih-tzu cross came over. He was a young'un!

You sniff me, I sniff you, he sniffs you and you sniff him. *inhale.....*

Then a Bernese Mountain Dog came along. He's a regal looking fella eh?

All dogs love a good tummy rub and tons of attention! Here he is getting pats from the shih-tzu's owners.

Well, it was a pawsome day out. Weather was cool and it stayed pretty dry while we were out. Yah, i just had to make the park mine. =D *pee*

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