Monday, 26 October 2009

Bark in The Park 2009

Before mummy left for Singapore, she and Daddy brought me all the way to San Jose to enjoy the annual Bark in the Park. It is supposed to be one of the biggest dog events in the states! Yippie!

We entered and first thing there is on the left is a nice tent with cooling mist fans and wading pools filled with water. Wow, how considerate of the organisers.

Three LARGE dogs in a teeny weeny itsy bitsy pool?????????

You can literally hose your dog down too! They look happy!

Immediately to the right i went. And why? Cos the first tent there was selling homemade dog food. The really nice people gave me a sample and i promptly didn't want to leave. Why leave a good thing right?
(Mummy: It was SO embarassing! Benny even planted his butt down and refused to go anywhere else. We just got there!)

Ok, after i got yanked away, we met a small corgi puppy. Here he is sniffing mummy...I'm giving the "what about me" face.

The puppy's owners though we looked alike and that he would grow up to be handsome like me. How pawsome of them to say so!

Hee, i'm blushing...

Daddy had to inspect his camera and prep it for more dog shots. The whole place is filled with canines! I was making sure that he would take as many pics as he could so that we could show everyone.

Let's start, here are 2 shelties. SO FLUFFY!

Then daddy got interrupted. This lady is a corgi fan!

Here she is saying thanks to me after I posed for her. =) Nice lady!

Ok back to other doggies...2 Dachshunds.

The big fluffy black dog is a Chow Chow.

Nice grin! Pit bull mix, nice and friendly. Mummy patted his massive head.

Sniff sniff....shepherd mix in the front. Might have some corgi blood too!

Oops, mummy asked me to pose. =D CHEESE!

Many folks spent the entire day there just chilling out with the dogs. There were kiosks selling human food and drinks too.

I could be wrong, but i think this is a basset hound. Maybe a mix?

So many big fluffy white dogs. No idea what breed, but aren't they handsome? Some kind of shepherd breed i think.

Hoho, i love his face!

Here's the park from my point of view.

Nice boxer! Really sturdy looking ain't she?

2 Labradors. The yellow lab on the left was very intent on the light reflection in the grass that came off mummy's watch. hee...kinda like a chase-the-red-dot type dog. Just like me!

We met more corgis on the way. the three of us tried to pose.

The corgi in the middle is really old. She's naturally small. The pale coloured dude at the right is a cardigan corgi. =)

Close up of his unique colour!

Well that's it for that day! I ran out of steam really fast and wanted to go home and relax. Think i'm not as outdoorsy as some other dogs. hee. I'm a homebound hound. *wink*

Well it was one of the most eventful days for me yet. I slept most of the way home and slept on the bed once we got home too. Zzzzzz..... =)


Kelly said...

So many doggies! Looks like fun :)

Aj said...

I'm a fitflop fan too! ;D

Looks like you guys had fun! I've never seen a cardigan corgi that color, it's pretty!

Its ME said...

Hello Benny, thanks a lot for these shots, i read them as if i was there too. Happy napping too. i love to sleep too. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz