Friday, 2 October 2009

I'm..."Mr June"???

Mummy went absolutely nuts this morning. She couldn't stop smiling and grinning like a mad woman. She woke up and fed me first. Good woman. Then after she checked her email she made funny little sounds and kept hugging me and saying "good boy".

I know i'm a good boy. Always am and always will be. But I still don't really get what the whole excitement is about.

(Mummy: Silly boy, you won the contest! The Corgi Calendar contest! You and Frodo are MR JUNE! hahaha! Oh boy, this is just pawsome!)

Oh ok, i get it now. Hee....i get my big face on the calendar. Uh, what's a calendar? =P

Here's the winning photo:

Here's the link to the rest of the calendar's winners and their pics:

Mummy says all proceeds go to Lakeshore Corgi Rescue. Order order! =)

I'm a happy boy...cos mummy's a very happy corgi mummy. =D


Its ME said...

, you got your 'long' face on the calendar...heeee!heeee! pawsome on Benny, you are naturally photogenic, all applause and claps and encore to your MUm, of course. She is just enjoy the fame , right? Did she give u extra goodies (yummy i mean) to chew? let me know ho....I will be back. Thanks for your drooled complimentary copy . Looking forwrd for more intersting adventure with your family. Travel on, guys (you and your dad)and gal(your mum).

CorgiTales said...

Congrats on June spot of the Corgis (with Blogs) Calendar!

Cute corgi names!