Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Hairy WHO?

Mummy is in Singapore right now...i miss her. Wonder if she misses ME? Daddy's been taking me to dog parks and walking me so life is great. I just wonder, what is Mummy doing right now?

Anyway, aside from pondering that fact i'm going to dedicate this post to all the hairy monsters out there. =)

Mummy was declaring to daddy a few weeks ago about how hairy i am. Excuse me, but i prefer to call it FURRY. I'm FURRY, not HAIRY like some ape. She said that my fur used to be nice and stright-ish and close to my body. Apparantly I've shed that coat and put on an unruly version. See the tufts?

More tufts coming out the left side of the neck area...

My overall front tufty look. =) Oh, sometimes mummy blames daddy for influencing me into getting his "chicken backside" hairdo. Daddy always gives her the innocent face. =P

Unexplainably, my back end seems just fine. Hmm...

Well, that's all the tufty photos mummy took before she left. Here's one of my balding muzzle. I suspect there's more of these photos to come when mummy gets back (when???). She and daddy laughed like mad dogs when they saw my bald spot. Phooey.

Until next time!


Cristina said...

Cute post and pictures,especially the pic of his nose! So cute!! =)

CocoNUT said...

Hey Benny, I think your coat is becoming like mine :D we're getting alike ;P *wink* *wink*