Monday, 9 November 2009

The Family Reunion

Finally, after a drought...yes i blame mummy for the lack of blog entries. She claims that she had many many many many many things to do. So many that she couldn't put my thought shapes into my blog. Phooey. Ok, now that's out of my system.... I'm SO HAPPY MY FAMILY IS BACK!!!!!

Here's what happened:

3rd Nov (Tuesday) I was at the kennel waiting to play with my friends when suddenly I got whisked away and showered! Apparantly someone was waiting for me!

This is the kennel I stayed at, its called "A Pet Villa". Its somewhere in Santa Clara, California.

Here's the front entrance. Nice bright yellow cheery colours!

The reception area. THe people are hiding from the camera!

This is a similar kennel to the one I stayed in.

That's the common play area for the bigger dogs. I was playing with the smaller dogs. I'm "small". Hee!

Oh! Its Mummy! She came to pick me up? Do I look shocked? Yah, I was kinda blur. (Mummy: I had just gotten off the plane...its after a super LONG haul flight. This fella barely paid me any attention when i picked him up! Only after I showered then he remember me. Gee, I must have stunk! =P)

Reached home....slurp slurp! I missed my Brita filtered personal bowl of water. Yum... (Mummy: He drank the whole bowl dry at one go.)

Time to look hungry. *wink wink*

The treats are up on the counter mummy!

What? Check the yard? Quick, show a sleepy squinty face!

Ok, no choice have to go check. Sniff sniff.... still smells like me.

Yep, no doggie intruders here...

Looks like a great place to poo...

Yep, no human intruders either....

All clear mummy! ('cept maybe u need to clean up the garden? heh.)

Wonder where daddy is. I'm too tired to wait up for him. Time to catch some snooze first.

Suddenly, Daddy's home!!!!!!!!!! I get my usual head scrunching hello. =D

Aiii muff oooo ooo! (benny: I love you too!)

Oh, before I forget, i did get furminated like crazy. Apparantly i AM shedding. See this fur ball? Mummy furminated 4 balls of this in 6 days.

Well, the next post will be real soon folks. Within the next few days....I'll MAKE mummy type something. hee.... missing all my friends but happily together with my parents again!


Kelly said...

I'm glad you have all been reunited! :) It must have been tough being away.

Gibson is shedding like crazy right now too. I guess it's time for his winter coat to come in..

Its ME said...

Hi Benny you are a clever corgi you know, loving the brita filtered water. me too. Ha! i saw that calendar with your face . Happy family living together again and again. I have to wait until 4December for my turn. Absent make us grow closer, right? Woof! Woof! (bye) I will be back.

Trishas Trove said...

Hello Benny,

Wow, what a huge load of hair. Well, its Autumn, and I guess you've got to keep up with the trees :)

Tania's shedding like crazy too, and this is the first time since we got her!

Tell Mummy she did 25 laps today, and then was rewarded by a great massage by Aunty Linda!

Hugs xoxo