Thursday, 8 October 2009

My scented T-Shirt

I've been a sulky dog. Can't blame me after all i spotted Mummy taking out the 2 big big suitcases and packing them since last week. I'm upset. Daddy has been attempting to console me. Its helping but I'm still wondering when Mummy will return home. *sulk*

(Mummy: The first day of sulking was so bad that Benny literally IGNORED me. It was awful. He improved after a while and the Daddy is taking good care of him. Male-bonding time!)

Anyway, together with the packing came a T-shirt wearing thing. I remember this shirt!

Mummy kept throwing it on me or putting it under my head when i'm sleeping. Something about leaving my Benny smells for my Singapore dog-friends?

Well, here's the last posed pic. Sorry i'm not smiling but at that time, I was grouching at Mummy. =P

Hope to "sniff" you Singapore doggies soon!


Kelly said...

Aww poor Benny!

Its ME said...

I like to wear the t-shirt you are wearing too, Benny, canine looks handsome with the original furry, right?