Tuesday, 11 March 2008

My Premonition

My "gift" has been discovered! I have premonitions! =) But what good is it when you can't TALK and TELL your human about it right?

Here's the perfect example of what happened just last night......

Mummy and I went to the university to pick up Daddy after his class ended. We've done this so many times before that its kinda routine now. This time though, something weird happened and I knew it before it occurred. *creepy music plays*

I sit at the back of the car and watch the lights whiz by. Sometimes, I put my front paws on the middle thingy that is between the driver and front passenger seat. This way I get a good view of the front and can look at Mummy / Daddy when they are driving. I can also drool on their hands. =)

This time, I felt something scare me. Ok, so I'm easily spooked...but I was so scared that I rushed from the back seat and tried to jump into Mummy's lap while she was driving on the way to the school. She scolded me hard (cos its dangerous) but I couldn't help myself and i just shivered and sat in her lap. Safer with an angry Mummy than with the creepy thingy behind.

(Benny re-enacting the moment of 'fear')

(mummy: I looked at the backseat...there was nothing! I couldn't figure out what freaked Benny out.)

Everything was fine. We picked up Daddy and drove home. On the way back, some lousy driver stopped in the middle of the road so all the cars slowed down and stopped too. We also slowed down (mummy: didn't have to jam brake...just slowed down)...then it happened. THUNK!!!!

Ack. A motorbike crashed into our behind. The brakelight is broken and there are scratches. The good thing is that no one got injured. The biker guy was ok and infact, his bike couldn't start properly after that. He was nice though and responsible enough to accept that he'd have to pay for the damages.

So anyway, that's me and my premonition. After all that, I was ok. I sit in the backseat again. No problems. I think next time Mummy/Daddy will be stopping the car if I freak out. Haha!


Barn2 the Samsengkia said...

Wow. Glad you are ok Skywalker! Better get you a seatbelt (for your own safety)and a ventriloquist who can speak for you.

Lucky The Super Corgi! said...

Glad to hear that u are ok benny. i wonder what other super powers u have.....=)

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Oh dear Benny, I hope you and ur hoomans are ok!

I totally believe we doggies have super powers! When I was a pup, Mumsy's fren came to visit me. That time she was only 3 wks preggie but i kept sticking to her and sniffing her, uh, boobs! I was the first one to know that she was preggie!

Ben_Benjamin said...

WOw Benny, mayb you should come & stay with me...my mom always get into trouble...mayb u can help her on that.