Sunday, 23 March 2008

Barn2's Nemesis - Marky

I finally got to meet Marky face to face! I quite like him, though was really sure if he was nice at first and I think he thought the same of me.

You see, Marky happens to live in the same house at Barn2. Lucky for me, Marky noticed that I have different colour markings so he didn't get suspicious of me at all! Yay! (Marky doesn't like Clare too, probably cos she looks like Barn2.)

Here we are together in the same room...=D He likes me! We pose together for a photoshoot...Ok, I admit, I was a bit distracted by the pumpkin-peanut butter ice treats. =P

But then Marky got happy and decided that it would be fun for him to play with him. Erm, yes, I play with other big doggies but Marky was a wee bit rough and "swatty" with him paws and sniffy.

I thought I would be safe in Aunty's arms but Marky's really tall! Help!

Haha... I made the game a hide and seek! Teehee! You can't reach me. =P

I'm so glad to meet Marky. I think he is a nice dude...uh, until Barn2 came by the glass door then the 2 of them went crazy at each other. Luckily the glass door is strong enough to withstand their onslaught. =)

Until next time! (photos are courtesy of Aunty L's camera. Thx!)

Oh and for the record of the time of fun I had with Ode (who had to stay in the next room cos Marky didn't like him too)...see this:

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Barn2 (Barnabas Ju-Ern) the Samsengkia said...

Marky says:
Hi Benny! Early happy birthday greetings. So good to know of nice corgis. I live with two. Cant say that 'nice' is a word you associate with my two height challenged siblings. Sorry cant come this week. See you the week after....!