Monday, 17 March 2008

A belated Christmas Gift!

I got a belated Christmas gift from Rex and his mummy! =D Its a soft toy...Ooo....destruction time! The toy supposed to be a reindeer but I think he looks funny. His body is a tennis ball and his feet has nice ropey stuff. I also like his eye balls...they are nice and googly. =)

Here's Mr Reindeer nice and new and clean and DRY.

Here's me with Mr Reindeer, still nice and DRY. I did get one lick on his face though.

Yay! Its mine. Chomp reindeer nice ropey feet...

Slurp... nice wet ropey feet...

CHomp chomp...wonder if I eat his feet whether its tasty and filling. *burp*

AS you can see, I really like his legs when I first met Mr Reindeer.

I decided to try his neck and scarf.

Not so good, let's try his arms.

What about his backside? Its nice and round. =P

Finally, I found something more fun to nibble at..his eyeball! Yeah! =P
(Mummy: THis video contains some rather gruesome gnawing of the eyeball. Please watch at your own risk. If you are a reindeer lover, I think better to not watch ok?)

Oops, does he look distressed?

In the end, Mummy saved him from me. All his limbs and eyes are intact. He's just kinda soggy...=D Teehee.... ;) HE's a great toy, I think he's supposed to be a tug-of-war toy too. Which Mummy says is sort of cruel, so she won't put Mr Reindeer through it. Lucky him. Haha!

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Barn2 the Samsengkia said...

You are sooo gentle, young Benny....My terrorist sister Clare would have ripped Mr Reindeer apart in 5 mins. Must say that Mr Reindeer is fortunate to fall into your paws instead!