Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Corgi Craziness Again!?!?!

Today was an interesting day again. Clare came over and I played with her. Ode came over too but he was required to pee and mark outside until bladder empty before he was allowed in the shop. Then after a while Lucky showed up! As usual Barn2 was relegated to being outside cos he decided to challenge Ode through the glass wall. =P

Apologies to Lucky! Mummy was bz snapping pictures before you came so the photos in this entry doesn't have her in it. She was a feisty girl though. She's learnt to play with snapping alligator type attacks where in between she'd hide under the benches to get away from us!

Here's Ode, Clare's butt and me.

Here's the 3 of us having a meeting. You can see that I'm the tallest, Ode's got the biggest front paws and Clare's got the "buggiest" eyes.

Time to start playing! Let's tag Ode! (Mummy: Benny's learnt to hold Ode down using a wrestling grip. Quite impressive. Clare's still bz frapping but she also plays well with Benny and the mop.)

Here's something interesting about Ode: He gets jealous when his Mummy goes and spends time with another dog infront of him! Barn2 was enjoying the attention and staring at Ode and making Ode bark ALOT.

Here you can see Barn2 getting checked by his Mummy, Ode getting his Mummy's attention and me being a kaypoh at Ode.

Here's another thing interesting about Ode: His whiskers are of different colours on different sides of his face! How cool is that!?!?! Its black on the left and white on the right.

Well, it was a fun day! Lots of drool literally flying around thanks to Ode's foaming drool. My drool is stringy and Clare seems to like to soak up the drool. Lucky's relatively clean cos humans are hugging and carrying her half the time. =P

Until the next entry, here are the goodbye waves from our butts and tails!

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