Monday, 14 January 2008

Christmas Pressies!!! (Part VI) - updated with Prices

Mummy finally gave me one of the pressies I've been drooling at for a long time now. Its the dehydrated treats from Bear Bear's Mummy! Paw too! Bestestestest stuff I tell you. Just read on below.

Here's what the packaging looks like:

In case you can't red the words, here's what it says: "BearPawz Dehydrated Meat. Pls keep refrigerated at all times. For order or more queries sms to Lynn 91718146"

As you can see there are 3 types of meats...salmon ( I LOVE THAT! ) and chicken and beef...i think. I'm not too sure actually. =P But they all taste sumptuous.


Ok, the mandatory pose with the 3 pieces of treats.

Now I get to eat them! Slurp, chomp, crunch! =)

These are the bestest stuff. Nutritious and no preservatives and all that stuff. Mummy says, and I totally agree, that these deserve the full 5 out of 5 paws for the most natural and healthy treats!

I got the prices from Lynn: Pork 200gram - $16, Beef 200gram - $14, Chicken breast 200gm - $12, baby Tioman fish 200gm - $14. Pickup Cityhall, Bugis, Eunos, AMK, Bishan or Braddell MRT. Gift wrapping at extra 50cents for first 200gram, and additional 20cents for each extra 100 gram.


Ume said...

hiya Benny,
quite a loot u received over Christmas!

Anonymous said...

u r a cut a shih tzu,and am ading to my list of dog friends.please visit my blog.

Barn2 the Samsengkia said...

So much to eat and your mom gave you only 3 miserly pieces? Grrrr.....