Saturday, 5 January 2008

Christmas Pressies!!! (Part V)

Wee! Mummy remembered to start feeding more new treats today. (She's been busy so I forgive her. =P)

She first lured me to the living room while shaking the goodies in front of my face. So here I am sitting with the treats she promised me...

Before I knew it, she decided it was too much good food for me so she took away the spinach cheese wraps! Eeep!

Well, first up is the Rodeo treats by Pedigree. Chicken and Liver flavour.

Can I have it now?

It was GOOD. Mummy says its just a bit too big for a treat (according to her and no one else of course!). It gets 4 paws out of 5! I love it!

Next up is the fish biscuit from Japan that Remo's wonderful mummy bought for me! I like her...she's real thoughful. =D

Mummy says the treats smell nice. Not too fishy so my breath is ok. The crunchiness is fabulous too! Awesome stuff cos its small and I get to eat many pieces. It gets the full 5 out of 5! Only glitch here is that we can't buy it locally. =(

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