Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Christmas Pressies!!! (Part IV)

Ok, this part should actually be Part one or two, but Mummy kinda got too many photos and mixed everything up. (Mummy: yes. Its my fault. But this is all about the food he got. I need to make Benny APPRECIATE food...do you think its possible???)

Here I am posing with all the food pressies I got from so many nice people.

Still posing...getting bored.

I can't look at the food anymore. Arrgh.

Kill me already! Still taking photos???

Isn't this some horrid level of torture? Help!!!

Well, after that long-drawn photo taking session, Mummy gave me the reindeer biscuit made with turkey bits complimentary of USDB. Whew...at least there was some sort of reward!

Here are the pressies up close:
Top row L-R : Cookie treats from Japan!!! (From Remo's Mummy!), Reindeer Biscuit (From USDB), JerHigh Chicken Cookies (From Cody's Ma!), Homemade Dehydrated Meat (From BearBear and Paws Ma's!!!)
Bottom Row L-R: Spinach Wrap & Cheese (From my ex-handler big sisters Christina and Selena), Pig Ear (From Aunty L...this I have eaten. See Part I), Rodeo Dog Treats (From Dexter's Ma!).
Middle L-R: More treats from Japan (From Remo's Ma!), Doggy Paragon Treats (From Hammer's Ma)

And I got somemore from sweet Snowy ma. =P Haven't posed for those yet...ack. =)
A big thank you to all you loving and wonderful human beings! I love you all! Seriously...from the bottom of my tummy. =P


Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

You have so much goodies! Care to share?

Sam I Am said...

WOW You have lots pressies.Wishing you a Happy New Years.

Lot's of Lick's