Friday, 23 November 2007

Sarong Baby

Mummy was having fun wrapping me up lately. I'm not sure whats her joy in it though...can someone explain it to me? She's always smiling and grinning when i'm wrapped up like a a sushi roll or something.

So here I was trying to sleep. Trying cos you can see me squeezing my eyes shut. If i weren't TRYING to sleep, I wouldn't be squinting. I was actually attempting to ignore Mummy hovering around me.

When I get awoken and carried off in the towel. Next thing I hear, "Benny, STAY." I mean, my right ear hasn't even woken up yet!?!?!

*Struggle* *Squirm* Yay! I'm free!...

But just as I almost complete my houdini escape, Mummy wraps me up even tighter. Ack.

And I can't escape! In fact I fall over trying...

Have no fear. I, Benny the !Xobile escape artiste will practise hard and triumph over the wrapper trick! =)

Announcement from us @ Pawsitive Sensations: This sunday, 25th Nov, will be the grand opening celebrations of K9Kampus which is where our store is. If you are free, come down and enjoy the fun and discounts! =) Come say 'Hi' to me ok? I will either be at the store or at the bakery. Teehee!


Barn2 said...

YO! Skywalker....You look interesting in your new outfit. Is this the latest Jedi fashion? See you on Wed!

Your Darth Vader...

Lucky The Super Corgi! said...

benny u look like a mummy hee hee

see u wed!