Thursday, 29 November 2007

The girls...yes, BOTH of THEM!

On Wednesday, I got a chance to meet the up-and-coming world conquerers at the same time. Yes, not just Clare...but we are talking about 2 of them. Clare & Lucky!

Actually, Lucky had just finished getting her massage (at Pawsitive Sensations) from Mummy when Clare came by to visit! Ok, before I get ahead of myself, here's the sweet little thing...Lucky (the wings are loaned from Aunty L.)

The cutie pie looks belie the terror that is within...I mean, what kind of babe rolls around in her, uh, poo? Hahahaha!!!

Here she is dominating Clare. Crazy huh. Afterall, Clare has a scary korkor called Barn2...obviously Lucky hasn't met the man. =P

Here's the expression Lucky gave me when I came to the store after she stopped playing with Clare... She must be wondering what the heck am I. Cos, I think, I'm the first "adult" doggy she's met.

She became a wee bit shy. See Clare and I just romping and playing? Lucky's at the back seeking her Daddy to save her. I hope she gets braver...cos its more fun when there are more pals in the group to play together. =)

We all had so much fun! I hope Dexter comes the next time Clare and Lucky are around. Dexter and I are best of pals and Mummy says that Clare and Lucky are just like the female puppy versions of us! Can't wait to meet again!

(by the way, you can read the details of the events from Clare and Lucky's points of view)


Lucky The Super Corgi! said...

Angel Wings!! =)
(Lucky will meet benny and hopefully clare again next week!)

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Benny u looked like u were bullying Clare! I hope Barn2 didn't see that!

Barn2 said...

I saw that.
But I am happy about it.
Clare bullies me.
About time she gets some of her own medicine...
(Cough, cough, cough....)