Friday, 16 November 2007

My best bud came!

Dexter came last week to visit me and have his mega long massage done in the midst of everything. I missed him and when we met, it was as if we never left each other and started runnin' and wrestlin' all over again!

Mummy reminiscence the time Dexter stayed over at our house and she had her legs up on the chair to avoid: (1) SALIVA, (2) FLYING FUR, (3) FLYING DOGS, (4) SALIVA & FUR =P

Watch this! Flatten the ears to avoid the slime...

Dexter then ran to his Mummy for support...eep! Squeeze under the chair! Can't let him get away!

Quick pounce on him while he is down for count! Garrrgh!!!!

Occasionally I gotta give my bud the upperhand.....

NOT!!!! =P

Well, at the end of the day, Mummy says to show the evidence of why she kept her feet up. So here's the hair we "ripped" out from each other that morning. =D


Lucky The Super Corgi! said...

Lucky's Daddy Says :

WOW thats alot of hair! Good Job Benny haha

Barn2 said...

More gatherings please!!