Thursday, 8 November 2007

The Green Slipper

I have to own up to my naughtiness. Mummy says I have to admit my mistakes. Bah.

See...what happened was that a few days ago, Mummy was giving Evo (this puppy Golden Retriever) his physiotherapy at the store. Because I couldn't help myself and kept getting in the way, she hooked my leash to the glass door handle to keep me in the waiting room.

I could see her and Evo! I wanted to play! Could you blame me? =P So I opened my big mouth and barked. Ack. Mistake numero uno. No barking allowed. Mummy came over and scolded me big time. So I decided to amuse myself a different way. =)

I could reach her bedroom slipper and I started gnawing at it. A smart dog like me hid behind the basket so she didn't know for a long time. But dumb dog like me forgot that when I got too INTO the moment, I make a lot of noise chewing. So i got caught. =P

Here are the photos of evidence that Mummy made me pose for.

Heh heh...I'm INNOCENT!!!

See the "dental floss"? Maybe thats why my teeth are so clean! =D

Sorry mummy...but at least the other slipper is intact. See? I was not a greedy boy. Only took one slipper. =P

Teehee!!! Wonder if she'll give me the other slipper.... =P


Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

I bet your Mum's feet smell nice, else u won't be chewing her slipper up!

Well at least u know what to get for ur Mum for Christmas!

Barn2 said...

Good job kid!!!

Lucky The Super Corgi! said...

Hee Hee Corgi Mischief!

i wanna come see your mummy to get a massage once i get my 3rd vaccination =), keeping my paws crossed for 16th nov

(hi zoe, lucky is 3 mths old, is she too young for the doggie massages? )

Benhur Xobile said...

I know that Mummy's feet are "smell-less". At least that what I know I gotta say. Haha!

Hey Lucky, I just saw your pictures! U sure are cute!!! Same colour as me. =) Mummy says 3 mths is OK. Best is that you get all ur jabs b4 coming over. =P Wee!!! Get to see you soon ok?