Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Grand Opening of K9 Kampus

The past Sunday, 25th of November, we celebrated the Grand Opening of the whole Kampus area! I had so much fun that by the time it was 3pm I got so tired already. I was bz doing my job as a PR doing and said greetings to customers and smiled for pictures.

Here's the start of the day...some people have come to register for the goodie bags. That's the store on the right. There was also nice tents over the roads to keep the place cool and sheltered.

Here's Aunty Grace (Furby's Mum) at her post selling dog food. In the background, you can view the stage. A lady DJ was announcing offers and telling people all about each shop here.

Here's Uncle Josiah giving a quick tour of the place. Look at the corgis! They are my new buddies. =D

US Doggy!! You can see Aunty Sharon preparing the dough. She's promised me a big pressie for christmas. I can't wait!

Here, Daddy is trying to steal the picture. Pah...I got distracted.

Try again...arrgh! Distracted. Not my fault lah. There are dogs everywhere. I gotta check 'em all out.

I wonder what these people are lookin' at....

OH!!!! WATER!!! I DIDN'T GET TO PLAY!!!! *complain* (Mummy: Benny must be MAD. The pool is way too deep for a stunted fella like him.)

Anyway, back at the store some doggies came in for a massage session. Here's one nice looking MS. His name is Hammer. Cool huh.

Well, like I said, it was tiring stuff being the PR dog and all that. Oh yah, I want to say hi to uncle zee. Here's a nice photo he took of me! And no...I wasn't distracted. Honest!


Lucky The Super Corgi! said...

Kor Kor Benny Looks So cute but he is so big in real life.... whimper

(lucky is scared of benny! haha next wed will let her try to make friends with him again)

linny said...

Hi Benny!
This is Lin! I don't know if you remember me but I used to work for Uncle Josiah.
I miss you and your mommy :)
Hope to see you guys soon!