Wednesday, 12 September 2007

The Lamb Pizza from USDB

Mummy was nice to me the other day at the shop. She bought me doggy pizzas from US Doggy Bakery that is also in K9Kampus. Wee!!! Here's what it looks like:

Here's me eating the first one...

I know that Mummy was trying to get pics of me eating the rest...but lets see, it took me 1 min to eat the first one and by the last one I was through with it in 5 seconds. Yah...well, that explains the difficulty mum had in taking the photos. Haha... Aunty Sharon from USDB has been real nice to me and she sneaks a pear biscuit to me every so often. I love her... =D

Ok, shop update. The Bach Flower Remedies are available at the store now and as always we have monthly promotions. =) Find out at Here's pictures of the can see the top has the Nelsons Clikpaks , then the Bach Remedies and the bottom has the creams.

Response is growing and I told Mummy that we should look out for other types of homeopathic remedies to help more dogs. Mummy says she might bring other remedies in soon...wee! I'm taking the flowers too... =P Its for me to focus. She claims I don't focus good. Pah! But I do now! I pay attention better, and mummy is happier that I listen to her. =)

More updates to come soon!


Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Did you save some pear cookies for me Benny?

U make a very gd vacuum cleaner! Licking up every single bit of the pizza up!

Anonymous said...

That pizza looks soooo tasty!!


Luckie Girl said...

Hey Bennyyyyy!
I love those Bach Flowers thingy. Mom uses the Bach Flower Recuse Remedy.:)

Ume said...

dat pizza MUZ be gd! look at how u cleaned it up!