Saturday, 3 April 2010

Benny's 4th Barkday! (Part 1)

Hey everyone! I am officially 4 dog years old! =) Not that I know what that means except - TREATS!!! FOOD!!! All for ME!!! =D

It started the night before. Apparantl Mummy was trying to tell me about the treats she ordered for all the way from Florida.

From where? Is it far? Can we walk there?
(Mummy: After much explanations, he finally understood it to be not walkable...=P )

Hee...oh, i get it. Florida is waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy over there.
(note the cock-eye! Yikes!)

The parcel arrived on time! The amazing Nicole who owns 3 Dogs & a Chick was so pawsome that she rushed the order as fast as she could to get my barkday treats to me on time! Isn't she just great? And next time Mummy says she'll order earlier...she promises. Many thanks Aunty Nicole!

I was using my eye-power to tell mummy to put the box down. It worked. Notice my continuing eye-power communications about letting me eat NOW.

I gave the box a sniff and noticed a card!

Its a nice card from Aunty Nicole wishing me a happy barkday! =)

More inspections...there's 3 things in the big box: a bone-shaped birthday biscuit, a plastic bag of treats and a smaller box.

I'm SO happy! I couldn't help it but broke out a huge smile! I just know it! I'm getting a taste soon!

This is my custom decorated doggie barkday bone! Isn't it nice? =)
The blue stuff is yoghurt!

The Tail-Waggin's Variety Mix...and the drool-making too! Hee...

ANd the mystery box....with....

even more treats! Woohoo! They all smelt great!
(Mummy: yah, they smelt so good I wanted to eat them. It really smells AMAZING!)

Okok....its coming to me! Mine! Mine!

Arrgh! I'm in contact! Let me at it!!!!!! *eye-power*

Finally! *chomp chomp* I finished it in 1:40secs! =D

Lick lick. My dog bed/mat/plate was full of crumbs. Tongue smack on the nose.

Woo...better not waste any bits and pieces! *slurp!*

The face of happiness! And there's MORE barkday stuff for me! Updating soon...=)

This store's treats gets the full 5 out of 5 paws! The treats are reasonably priced, they ship and they are just plain tasty and healthy!

out of 5! *applause!*

Note from Mummy: I usually brace for either a gassy dog or icky stools when benny eats so much new treats at one shot. But its with great pleasure that this time...THERE WAS NONE! In fact, he did just fine and I'm sure this is more than a simple testament to 3Dogs & A Chick's high quality and standards! Excellent job Nicole! I wish, and I'm sure Benny does too, that we live right in your city area! Many thanks for the pawsome job! =)


Bailey's Adventures said...

Happy Birthday Benny :-)...those treats look awesome..somthing to consider for Bailey's first birthday in May :-)
Loved the video, too

The Musketeers said...

Happy 4th Barkday Benny !!! :D

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Benny!