Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Spring! Flowers Everywhere!

Its spring for a while now...mummy's been sneezing like a crazy woman and sometimes she sneezes the whole day and ends up with red nose and red eyes. We even bought special tissues for mummy's nose.

Well, I think spring is pretty. I like spring. Let me show you why. This is the tree outside our apartment. It went bald during the winter and then it got tons of flowers...its white!

Here I am peeking from under our fence (can u see me in the picture above too? =P). I always peep for humans or other dogs walking by.

Aren't the flowers pretty? So small and white.

The same pretty flowering trees are also around the swimming pool.

This is our backyard with the petals all over the ground. Looks like snow when they started falling!

This is me coming in from the yard. I tend to bring some petals with me. (Mummy:Honestly, this was on his nose, i didn't put it there. =P)

Like this look? =D

Walking around the grounds is nice too. There's flowering bushes with small pink flowers. This one has a bee on it! Mummy was actually brave enough to take this close up photo of it!

There's this bunch of rose bushes too! We always wondered what type of bushes they were and tah dah! Roses!!!

I love spring! We go out more than in winter and i get more walks too!

Well, until next time! *woof!*


Kelly said...

Very pretty!!

Its ME said...

life spring up during spring ho, benny !!! woof, woof,