Sunday, 28 March 2010

Outing to Bol Park

Mummy and Daddy are trying to bring me to different dog-friendly parks around the Bay Area. One of them is called Bol Park. Funny name right? Look at where one of the entrances to the park is! There's someone's home on the right (the garage) and there's also a fence to someone's home on the left! So mysterious looking!

Excuse me while I poop (as usual). =P

First thing Daddy brought to our attention were the DONKEYS! Can you see them?

Seriously! There's 2 donkeys the background just behind my left ear. I've never seen donkeys before.

We went down a loooooong path. Excuse Mummy, she was in a funny mood. She gave me rabbit ears.

Anyway, further down I found something else new to me! Its a giant baseball park. I wanted to go and run around in it but I couldn't. Cos (1) it belongs to Gunn High School and (2) there was a "No Pets" sign there. Ah well...

We walked through Gunn High School...walked past the gym and look, there's tennis courts.

Back onto the trail of Bol Park, we met 2 doggies. One tiny little fiesty lion-mane looking pomernarian and a big black lab. Mummy couldn't help herself. She just HAD to say hi!

Here I am giving my greetings to the pommie. He was a nervous fella around me but he loved mummy and daddy.

Look at his hair cut! Oh, and he has a short mohawk on his back too! (Hey Hammer! A mohawk fan too!)

This dude was trying to steal MY treats from mummy's bag. So shameless! tsktsk.
Fortunately he found a nice stick to chew on.

Well, it was a nice day out for early spring. Mummy gave a "I'm tired" face and so did I.

Until the next trip and thanks to Daddy for his nice photos!

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