Saturday, 20 March 2010

The HOOF Treat

Mummy bought me a different kind of chew toy today. It smelled very strong and I wanted to gnaw on it the moment I saw it!

Here's what it looks like. Its the Hoof of a cow? Wow...

Ok, quick take the pic. Can I have it?

Lie down? Ok, now can i have it?

Look straight? NOW CAN I HAVE IT????
(Mummy: I was trying to capture the droooooool, but decided I was being too cruel so I let him have it.)

Yay! Quick start chewing!!!!

Oh boy, oh boy, daddy has it! what? He is gnawing on it???? NO!!!!!!! Please can i have it Daddy? PLEASE????
(Mummy: No, Daddy wasn't really chewing. He was pretending. Benny just saw there patiently drooling and waiting. He knew that it was his. Such a good boy eh?)

Alrighty! back to gnawing...left side...

Switch over. right side....

Whew, tired. I think left side better.

Arrgh, maybe right side will break the hoof.

30mins in...I'm tired, super salivated and the place smells of cow. =P Think I'll get another??? =P

Mummy: The treat lasted FOREVER. Unfortunately, the smell also lingered and was very strong. So while its worth its price in terms of duration, unless you want your home and dog's breath to smell like a barn of cows...i'd suggest to not give this treat too often and to do it outside. =P

out of 5 (mainly cos of the smell =P )


Kelly said...

Gibson gets to chew on one of those when he goes to his Aunt's house.. They always have fun chews for him that I won't buy him :)

Trishas Trove said...

Oh lawd Zoe ... you're cruuuuuuu-el ... making him wait so loooong. He really is such a patient darling& his earnest look is so adorably cute !

Oh Benny, why so long for the drooooooool to appear (apparently Daddy's 'acting' isn't going very far) .... you've got to get your salivary glands to work instantly for you ! Tania is so envious of your latest treat !

Hugs from us