Monday, 8 March 2010

A Sable Corgi and Spring Time!

A few weeks ago Mummy and Daddy brought me out to the dog park. It was a lucky break for me cos it was raining and raining and it wouldn't stop raining! Thank God it stopped raining on a weekend so we went to the park! Yippie!

First thing we saw was THIS DUDE. He reminds Mummy & Daddy of Ode who is a Singapore Corgi that has almost the exact same colour and look! For this entry, I'll call him Edo (Ode in reverse). =)

Edo was just as interested in me as I was in him! Mummy tried to say Hi too.

Edo started following me around. Probably was wondering about my tail. =P

Garrrghhh! Some good ol' corgi fighting fun!

I'm taller than Edo so I usually had the upper paw.

Aim for the ear flap! (old habits die hard...hee....)

These 2 bigger dogs came to check on what the fuss was. I wanted to say hi to them, but...

...Edo snuck in a secret attack on me...AH! See my eyes are closed?!?!?!?!

Grr....bark bark, "bite bite"! I seriously think the 2 bigger dogs thought this was some sort of strange spectator sport.

Whew! Getting tired. Gotta get some time to myself...and I need a drink.

The watering hole is crowded. As usual.

Last bit of fun running and chasing other dogs around...

Ok. Mummy! Daddy! Where are you? I'm leaving...

Well, we finally went home. Back at the apartment complex, Daddy took this nice nice picture of the flowering tree! Its wasn't even spring when this picture was taken but the tree sure decided to look pretty nice and early.

That's me in the front and the tree in the back. (Update: Its in full bloom now and starting to shed the flowers and baby leaves are sprouting.)

Well friends, until next time! Sooner than you think (i hope!).

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