Monday, 23 November 2009


Its autumn and mummy's been complaining about my shedding. Its getting lesser now, in case you were wondering. =P

Anyway, she should also complain about the shedding trees you know. To be fair. I like the colour of the trees now. They seem to change to a nice redder colour, kinda like my colour. *ego*

Here's the tree at the In and Out drivethrough. Isn't it pretty?

Yeps, I go for the drivethrough rides. =D Hee...they always smell SO nice!

If you look beyond the fence, you can see the trees across 101 Highway. There's!

Here's the view from the entrace to the apartment complex.

The workers have been sweeping up all the leaves on the floor. See the bags? They are everywhere!

I'm posing under this giant "berry" tree. You can't really see them, but there's hundreds of clumps of berries on that tree. Wonder if I can eat them....

This is a super shedding tree.

Yes, its my favourite tree. It sheds...I shed. =D

I look over my right shoulder...yep, there's leaves there.

And over my left shoulder....yep more leaves there too!

Wow! A bald bush....amazing!

I wonder if all these leaves once belonged to that bald bush....

Last photo! Isn't autumn pretty? I like it. Its nice and cool and that means I had to snooze on the bed for longer periods of time now.

(Mummy: fyi, dogs are red-green colour all those colours Benny "sees" were described to him by me. =D It is getting colder now. Soon Benny will have his winter coat and that'll be sight to behold.)


Trishas Trove said...

Hi Benny,

Yes, the autumn colours are just beautiful ... looks like you're really enjoying yourself ... I'm sure you're enjoying the nice cool air compared to the hot tropics.

Keep "blah=ing" so we can see your winter-coat, k?


Its ME said...

autumn comes , Benny sheds;
winters comes, Benny snoozes,LOL!
Enjoy all seasons with one and all. I enjoy your calendar-shot too. happy new year !!! Woof woof woof!!!