Monday, 16 November 2009

When Uncle G and Aunty C came to visit.

Soon after mummy and daddy came home, I had even more fun people to say hi too! I remember Uncle G and his then girlfriend, now wife, Aunty C from back home in Singapore. They came over to visit me during their honeymoon! I'm so flattered! *blush*

This is me inviting them into my home!

Of course, the poor humans were so jet lagged....that they soon fell asleep. I slept next to Uncle G's long feet.

After which I decided it was too far away from nicer smelling Aunty I moved to a more central spot. =D

Anyway, I didn't get to go out with them but Mummy did join them for a day in San Fran. Here's some pics:

First and most impt place is JAMBA JUICE! You can see their happy faces showing how eager they are to place the order!

When they got to San Fran, first thing to do is look for lunch. Mummy suggested that they try Joe's Crab Shack...Here's the two of them trying to look HUNGRY!

And here's mummy and Aunty C trying to poke each other?

After that they explored Chinatown... take a look at the Double Dragon Massage. Mummy says she'll open a Triple Dragon dog massage centre! =P

Of course, there were PLENTY of doggies in San Fran. Here's a beagle and black terrier.

Here's 2 larger doggies. The owners were nice and even said thanks to mummy for giving her dog a pat!

A Shih Tzu mix of some kind. These 4 dogs were spotted with a window of less than 10 mins, so you can imagine the number of doggies here! Its so nice.

One last picture: Mummy asks every one to notice the "cute" bird that is "resting" on the head of the statue. hee!

Wonder if i'll ever get to WALK the streets of San Fran.... *hint hint*. ;)

Furmination update: 6 gigantic balls of fur within less than 2 weeks. *ah choo!*

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Its ME said...

Hi Beeny, do count me in your walk in San Fran. Woof! woof! Hint,hint!