Thursday, 6 August 2009

My Personal RV Trailer

I love my humans. They love me too...isn't life just pawsome? Daddy and Mummy bought a trailer thingy to attach to their bicycles so that I can join them on the road. Let me show u the cool stuff!

This is me with the flashy paparazzi cameras in my face. =P

Hee...okok, i was just kidding. But see my Trailer? Its a Large sized Solvit dog trailer. I love it! It has so many vents and i can see all around.

Yawn....time to lie down.

See my motorcade? =P Mummy is slaving away as my engine. hee... and Daddy's watching the rear for safety. (Don't worry, Daddy is the usual engine. He is like a 2.4L engine and mummy's a 1.3L engine. Hahaha!)

Whoosh! On our way to Google???

My Trailer even has side pockets to hold my stuff. How cool is that?

We reached the park thats just next to the Google HQ. Daddy took over and walked me.

Here's the "parking" lot.

Ooo...distracted. Nice smelling lamppost. Poop.

And pose proudly before the humans remove my masterpiece.


Look at this beautiful waterscape! I ran like mad towards it but Daddy had to restrain me. I was gonna jump in...not sure where they stopped me. (Mummy: Benny probably thought it was the beach cos it had shallow water and splashes.)

I, Benhur !Xobile Setho, hereby claim this water-feature to by mine!!!

Can you spot us? Daddy's wearing a yellow t-shirt.

Anyway, Mummy called me and i sprinted back like a mad man. =P I beat daddy this time but okok...he's excuse is that he was wearing slippers. Bah!

The trailer is so fun! I love it....bring me out again!


Its ME said...

Hi Benny and lovely human-owers(Daddy and Mummy), I like to have one trailer like your too.

Me getting ready to be deployed at Bandung on 10 th August till 5 Sept. Heard that place is nice.

There is a world to be explored out there. Thanks for your updates and keep in paws.

Barn2 (Barnabas Ju-Ern) the Samsengkia said...

The trailer looks great! is your Mummy going to import it to Singapore ? I think several people would like to buy it for their furkids too.You are blessed.

Has your fur changed with theweather there, Benny?

Anonymous said...

Hi Benny,
You are soo soo lucky. I would love to be in the little "carriage". I bet you feel like a king!

Miss you lots. It's going to be a hot and boring Saturday afternoon without you again.


ocmist said...

Hi, Benny! What a neat trailer. That would be a great mode of travel in your area and with energetic people. It would give our older people heart attacks!

Hey, we have a friend with a corgi blog that is going to do a Corgi Blog calendar for 2010 that will feature Corgis with their websites and blog addresses on it. All proceeds will go to a Corgi Dog Rescue. I thought your people might be interested. Here is the link for more info. Your friends from Corgi Country!

Trishas Trove said...

Hi Benny ... I would love a ride in your "royal carriage". Do you think your Mummy would give me a ride .... hmmm ...might be a bit tough for her considering I'm surely heavier than her ... heh heh !!

Annnnnnnnnd, about that majestic pooping thing .... whilst Aunty L was giving Tania her physio in the Sky-Mobile the other day, I was told that you can poop "on command" - your own of course !

Myyyyyyyyy ... you are a multi-talented little boy, aren't you :)