Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Missing the warm seas of Singapore

I, Benny !Xobile Setho, hereby declare that I miss the warm seas and waters of Singapore...and the coconut that comes with it. Its been about 2 months since I've arrived here in California...and yet I can't imagine ever swimming in the pacific ocean. Its freezing!

Thus this entry is to reminiscence my last tropical beach fun in sunny, hot Singapore. Here I was at East Coast Park just daydreaming. A strange presence was near me. I sensed a round tough fruit that came along with a floppy tongue.Hmm...*ponder*

AHHHH! What a face, its Coco-NUT!

As usual, she very speedily imitates my actions. We quietly sit together and stare hard at the 7-eleven, secretly wishing for anicecream.

Prayer: Dear Lord, please send me a lovely cold drink or ice cream...

Anyway, we got some cold water and went on our way... this is the pose of "smartness". We are learning to be Water-Smart and attempting to read the nice pictures.

Notice how windy it is? CocoNUT's big pooofy tail is a pawfect anemometer you know?

Whoa! Those palm trees and even my tail started to move with the wind!

What a nice beach eh?

Ooh! Grass...rub rub...*goofy grin*
(btw, the scarf around my neck is a cooler. Mummy soaked the gel thing in water and freezed it before she put it on me so that i'd stay cool. Nice eh?)

Whew, it sure is hot. Think i'll snooze here of a second.

Onwards! We found a lovely breakwater to sit on and watch the horizon. Isn't it pretty?

Here's the sticky little gal. Think she worried that i was leaving. Yah ok...i miss her (heard she developed a Benny-syndrome lately. Haha!)

CocoNUT couldn't sit still for long.

We pursued getting as sandy as our wee legs would get us... This is Aunty L's (CocoNUT's mummy) shoe print. Big and flat.

This is one of ours. I declare it to be CocoNUT's. I will explain why.

Look closely, you can see 2 distinct corgi tracks. One is deeper and more "claw-like". This means that the dog that left THAT print sunk deeper in and needs to claw its way out due to its...uh...lowness. =P

Tah Dah! Can you see? Can you see who left which print type? =P

And we're back where we started... It was a lovely day and I miss Aunty L, Uncle D and CocoNUT deeply. =)


Barn2 (Barnabas Ju-Ern) the Samsengkia said...

MUMMY: Aw....we missed you too Benny...
Noticed that Coconut didnt do much poking at the last Corgi gathering (Clare's birthday). Maybe she is more mature now?

The Beasts- Royal, Brock, Alki & Iggy said...

wow what a fun adventure!!

and how cool- we are moving to california soon too!

love your friend coconut! such a fluffy tail, like mee!


ocmist said...

Poor Benny... so sorry you are homesick and missing your friend. CocoNUT is such a cute name and a cute dog. Is she a fluffy corgi?

Yes, our ocean is cold most all year long, but that is nice when it gets really hot around here. A couple of our last posts were on our visit to Pismo Beach last weekend.

Hope you also enjoy living here in the US, although CA has some problems and Dad often says he wants to move to another state.

Woof at you later, Benny! OC

Trishas Trove said...

Hey Benny~ ! I know what pals you and Coco are. Aunty L brought her over to our place to play with Tania recently, when she was confined to the house. It was super-fun time for her to have a visitor over.

Tania got confused as to why Coco kept going for ears - ha ha - and Aunty L explained that this is how she initiates playing, something that I'm sure you miss!

I heard that Coco really, reeeeeeeeally misses you, as Aunty L told me that she's developed some kind of "Benny ?? Syndrome". You'll have to get more details from her !

We're looking forward to seeing your Mommy in October ~~ yeay !

Alfie's Mum said...

Hi Benny, hows the weather been where U are / U are lucky to be in living USA, their animal welfare there is SUPERB!!!!!
I love the programme, Animal Cops! They really do a good job!

Its ME said...

We always have a reserved place in our heart for you Benny,
Remember 8:22 pm 9 August, nation's call to reflect on national day pledge.

At East Coast beach we get to see the chinook-helicopter practise towing the GIANT national flag, so awesome scenery beside the beach here.